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Helping You Build Your Social Network

You're getting acquainted with the social networking scene. Maybe you've signed up for accounts on LinkedIn, FriendFeed or BrightFuse. You may have even made a few friends on Facebook or started following people on Twitter. "But," you ask, as so many do, "what's the point in all of this? How can I use social networking and its numerous sites  - with new ones popping up every day - to promote my business? Is it really worth my time?" Read the complete article here

Networking is key to Building Your Business

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Building Industry Resources offers a variety of services to get you started with Social Networking and to assist you in maintaining your sites for maximum marketing and public relations.

Social Media Jump Start

Social Media Jump Start & Monthly Maintenance (No Blog included)

Social Media Jump Start & Optimized Monthly Maintenance with Blog 

Contact Building Industry Resources to set-up individual sites, for additional social media services, and for more ways to help build your business.

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