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7 Business and Marketing Innovations in the AEC Industry

August 19, 2015

Building Design + Construction magazine annually ranks the top 300 architecture, engineering and construction firms. You can see the rankings here. They also asked some of the industry's largest firms about innovative strategies implemented in the last year. Here are seven that your firm can use to encourage staff, build relationships with your clients and increase business:

  1. Invest in employee training, for both hard skills and soft skills like communications and client service.
  2. Generate weekly project profitability reports for all design team members. Your report can include budget data on the project multipliers and individual discipline budget status. One firm doubled its profit margin after developing these reports.
  3. Create an annual client relationship plan, including marketing opportunities, improvements service and delivery, and face-to-face meetings.
  4. One firm increased commissioning revenue by over 10% by focusing marketing efforts on thought-leadership practices, like lunch-and-learns and speaking opportunities. 
  5. Refine your target markets by type, size, location, and how they fit into your company's five-year goals. Pursue the projects that best meet your criteria.
  6. Train your staff to be your “Brand Ambassadors” encouraging them to contribute content for your social media sites, participate in community outreach projects, and attend professional networking events. 
  7. Get your succession plan in order to maintain continuity in culture, retain knowledge-based experts, and solidify the next generation of ownership.

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